Godwin v Crowther (2 of 1934) [1934] SLCA 3 (16 October 1934)

Jurisprudence - reception of English law - incorporation of English law
-in Supreme Court Ordinance (cap. 205), s.6 "law and practice for the
time being in force in England" means law and practice in force at date
of commencement of Ordinance: The meaning of s.6 of the Supreme
Court Ordinance (cap. 205), by which the law and practice "for the time
being in force" in England is to be administered by the Supreme Court
in probate, divorce and matrimonial causes and proceedings, is that the
law in Sierra Leone on these matters is that which was in force in England
at the time of the commencement of the Ordinance in 1904, since the
phrase "for the time being in force," interpreted in its context, does not
comprehend laws to be passed in the future.

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