Henry Kargbo v Attorney-General and Minister of Justice (CIV APP 75 of 2020) [2022] SLCA 12 (19 December 2022)

Case summary

Constitutional Law - In the matter of the provisions of sections 147-149 of the Constitution of Sierra Leone Act no6 of 1991 - Constitutional Instrument No64 of 2018 - In the matter of the findings of the Hon.Justice Dr Bankole Thompson Commission of Inquiry - In the matter of the White Paper published by Government of Sierra Leone - Sole Commissioner erred in law in making adverse findings and recommendations making the Appellant a person of interest that is in contravention of the fundamental principle of natural justice to ''audi alteram partem'' - Sole Commissioner erred in fact and in law in his findings and specific recommendations of the White Paper and paragraphs 1(b) and 2(a) pages 26-40 - Sole Commissioner erred in the ''Evaluation of Evidence''

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