Alvin Beckley-Thomas v Linda Beckley-Thomas (1 of) [2020] SLHC 33 (11 November 2020)

I have carefully considered the petition of Alvin Beckley-Thomas dated 22nd June 2016 praying for the dissolution of the marriage of 26th April 2003 between him and the respondent (his wife) Linda Beckley-Thomas (Nee Johnson) and the answer on cross-petition filed by the said respondent wherein dated the 18th of July 2016.

I have also closely examined the reply and the answer to the cross-petition of the said petitioner dated the 27th day of October 2016.

Furthermore, I have taken note on the evidence in chief and the cross-examination of the petitioner herein on the 4th of October 2018. Also, I have considered the examination-in-chief of a said respondent, Linda Sharon R. Beckley-Thomas.

I note that the petition never took the opportunity even to him to cross examine the said respondent since he was absent and not seen on three adjoined date

In view of all the evidence presented to this court, it is the opinion of the court that the respondent has suffered and treated with cruelty. I therefore make the following orders

  1. That the petition filed by the petitioner herein, Mr. Alvin Beckley-Thomas is dismissed

  2. That the said marriage between Alvin Beckley-Thomas of No.5 Albert St. off Circular Rd, Freetown in the Western are of Sierra Leone and Linda Beckley-Thomas Nee Johnson of No. 7 Fitzgimus St. Regent Freetown aforesaid is here by dissolved.

  3. The child of the marriage is over 18years old now and is therefore at liberty to live with either parent as she wishes.

  4. The petitioner and the respondent are to share in the upkeep and the university fees of their daughter.

  5. The petitioner is to pay cost.

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