Sierra Leone’s Ship Registry: A flag of Convenience or a Flag of Confidence


Under int’l law, every ship must fly the flag of a country. In short, a ship must be a national of a country. Maritime nations across the world register ships to fly their flags and thereby generate revenue and as well create jobs for its youthful citizens. Green Jobs!


Sierra Leone can create wealth by optimizing use of our flag by ships and thereby equally provide jobs to our youth. Blue Economy!  


Nonetheless, ships flying our flag shouldn’t do so as a matter of CONVENIENCE. Registration requirements shouldn’t be relaxed. Ships must adhere to established shipping & navigational laws/standards. Our flag shouldn’t be scapegoated to evade tax. Or to create wealth for a few.


On the contrary, our flag should be hoisted by ships adhering to both local and int’l laws/standards. Our flag should carry RESPECT. Shipowners & maritime nations must have CONFIDENCE in our flag.


We can monetize our registry legitimately. We do so by being active and participate in int’l shipping forums, engage in sound bilateral & multilateral relations with renowned maritime nations, have a sound & efficient maritime administration and provide a round-the-clock service to ships flying our flag.


Let us FEED SALONE through the blue economy and by green jobs.