Criminal- Corruption offences- engaging in a project without prior planning contrary to section 48(2)(c) of the Anti-Corruption Act 2008- Conspiracy Section 128(1) of the ACC 2008- willfully failing to comply with the law relating to the tendering of contracts section 48(2)(b) of the ACC 2008-guilty on four count charges 

matter commence by way of Writ of Summons on behalf of the plaintiff for the possession of a premises, mesne profit until possession is delivered-damages for breach of contract- the plaintiff being dissatisfied with the judgment appealed-the grounds of appeal was dismissed- the respondent was however ordered to pay sum of money as nominal damages to the appellant.

the matter commence by way of Writ of Summons for certain orders to be granted against the defendant-the court declared and ordered the request of the plaintiff- the cost of the application was to be borne by the defendant.

Land and Property Division-Notice of motion filed in respect of an order to commit the defendant and his agents to the Correctional Centre Pademba Road Freetown for disobeying the injunctive order- the court strike out the application and made no order as to cost until the application is accordingly re-done.

An application by way of Originating Summons for answers to the questions concerning the execution of a will 

Election petition- Paramount chieftaincy election- Supreme court appeal- Paramount chieftaincy election conducted was invalid, null and void of no lawful effect- High court ruling was overturned- Appeal set aside by the supreme court on the basis that the appeal lacks merit.