Court name
Court of Appeal
Case number
CIV APP 1 of 2017

Voytovich Rostislav And Another v Momoh Ansumana And Others (CIV APP 1 of 2017) [2019] SLCA 14 (31 October 2019);

Media neutral citation
[2019] SLCA 14
Case summary:

Application on the applicants seeking reliefs for four orders in which the appellants can be added as interested parties to the proceedings, that the court grants application time to file their own synopsis of arguments, Any further or other orders that the court may deem fit and just, Costs of the application to be costs in the cause - Considering the Affidavits and the authorities filed, as well as the submissions of the counsel, the court was of the view that the issues raised in the appeal will be effectually and fully determined without hearing from the intended interventors- Therefore

Fynn, JA
Taylor-Camara, JA
Bah, JA