Court Code

Insurance-property insurance-bankers' and brokers' policies-"due and proper precaution for safety of money in transit"-requires not merely reasonably safe security system but continuous supervision by insured-appeal dismissed.

Court of Appeal - Fraudulent Conversion - Judgement of the High Court be set aside and substituted by the Court of Appeal - 

Civil Procedure—appeals—appeals to Privy Council—West African (Appeal to Privy Council) Order in Council, 1949 only regulates civil appeals

Legal profession—disciplinary proceedings—conduct tending to bring profession into disrepute—solicitor’s negligence as to conduct of clerk may amount to professional misconduct—court will suspend or strike solicitor off Roll only for personal misconduct

Civil Procedure—order for new trial—no order unless miscarriage of justice—stay of proceedings—proceedings to be stayed to enable prosecution of felony—rule does not apply in action against innocent third party.

Criminal Law—provocation—adultery—only witnessing of adulterous act sufficient to reduce husband’s offence to manslaughter

Arbitration - In the matter of Section 12(2) of the Arbitration Act (CAP) of the Laws of Sierra Leone 1960


Criminal Procedure-assessors-judge’s summing-up-judge may express strong view on facts provided decision left to assessors- appeal was dismissed.

Civil Procedure-appeals-observance of procedure-duty of appellant to begin: In a court of appeal it is the duty of the appellant to begin and show his reasons for arguing that the judgment of the court below 

Constitutional Law-fundamental rights-protection of law-fair trial -Attorney-General’s power to apply for trial by judge alone not to be exercised lightly.