Court Code

Criminal - corruption offences - misappropriation of public funds contrary to Section 36(1) of the Anti Corruption Act No. 12 of 2008 - conspiracy to commit a corruption offence contrary to section 128(1) of the Anti Corruption Act No. 12 of 2008

Criminal-Sexual Offences-Section 18 of Sexual Offences Act 2012 

Succession-Intestate-Letter of Administration-Perpetual Injunction- The Plaintiffs complaint basically is that his father, Julius Dauda Sandy Snr (Deceased intestate], was seized of land referred to in paragraphs 'a' and 'c in the Statement of claim hereinbefore referred; that after the demise of the said Julius Dauda Sandy Snr (intestate] on 18th June 1999

Criminal-Sexual Penetration- Contrary to Section 19 of the Sexual Offences Act 2012, Act No. 12- 

Administrative Law-tribunals-procedure-no interference by court 20
unless all other rights of appeal exhausted-Ecclesiastical Law-election of church officers-procedural defects-no interference by court until all other rights of appeal exhausted

Succession—Administrator-General—right to maintain proceedings—must obtain letters of administration before commencing declaratory action:

Evidence—burden of proof—negligence-employee prima facie liable for loss of or damage to employer’s property entrusted to his care—burden on employee to show no negligence-Employment—duties of employee—duty of care—duty to safeguard employer’s property entrusted to his care—prima facie liable for dam 

Evidence—burden of proof-standard of proof—negligence

Sale of Goods—sale by description—sale in canteen of beer requested by 15 brand name is sale by description within Sale of Goods Act (cap. 225), s.l6(2):

Criminal- Corruption offences- engaging in a project without prior planning contrary to section 48(2)(c) of the Anti-Corruption Act 2008- Conspiracy Section 128(1) of the ACC 2008- willfully failing to comply with the law relating to the tendering of contracts section 48(2)(b) of the ACC 2008-guilty on four count charges 

An Application by the counsel on behalf of the plaintiff/ applicant for a summary of judgement relating to Declaration of Tittle of property, recovery of possession, relief, delivered on the 3rd march 2020 by Hon Dr Justice B.M. Binneh Kamara.