Court Code

Civil Procedure — pleading — matters which must be specifically pleaded—condition precedent—due performance presumed if non­performance not pleaded

Evidence—burden of proof—title to land—statutory title—proof of adverse possession not necessary to acquire statutory title

Local Government—elections—election petitions—security for costs— Rural Area Ordinance, 1949, s.37(l) imperative and absolute—failure to give security as required renders petition invalid

Criminal Procedure - inspection - locus in quo - inspection should not be relied on without evidence

Employment - safety - claims under Workmen’s Compensation Ordi­nance (cap.

 Liquor - offences - keeping open licensed premises during prohibited hours - elements of offence - intoxicating liquor must be available to outsiders during prohibited hours - appeal was allowed.

Succession - executors and administrators - number of executors - grant of probate limited to four executors in respect of same property - any other executors can take up powers only when vacancies occur- application was dismissed.

Land Law-estate  tail-words  of  limitation-devise  to  persons  and their legitimate children  after them forever-"forever" limits  devise to surviving legitimate children at  death of  last named person.


Land Use Planning-building regulations-building permits-permit granted under Kroo Reservation Ordinance (cap. 115), r.5-holder put into sufficient constructive possession to support trespass action.