Court Code

Agency-duties and liabilities of agent-liability in contract-agent contracting in own name liable even if existence of principal dis­closed-

Constitutional Law-Governor-Deputy Governor-powers must be specified and limited under Letters Patent-authority to exercise all powers vested in Governor sufficient limitation-appeal dismissed.

Elections-qualifications of electors-alteration-revising officer not permitted to change nature of elector’s qualification-only correction of errors in register permitted-appeal was dismissed.

Civil Procedure—parties—plaintiffs—trespass to land—person in possession proper plaintiff—reversioner can recover only for injury to reversion.

Charities-cy-pres doctrine-impracticable purpose-doctrine applied where main object of gift defeated by operation of discriminatory condition-Agricultural Academy for education of male natives of Colony-insufficient number of such natives defeats main object so gift extended to male natives of Protectorate

Courts-Supreme Court-jurisdiction-civil jurisdiction-grant of letters of administration-court may grant letters to one native of Pro­tectorate in respect of another’s estate if property within its jurisdiction and not native court’s

Land Law-fee simple-determinable interest-devise to named person until marriage does not create fee simple when devisee dies unmarried- order was made accordingly the cost was to be borne by the counsel who appeared in t

Tort-damages-measure of damages-personal injuries-shortening of life-loss of predominantly happy life major factor to be con­sidered not social or financial position-The costs of this action was award to the plaintiff.

Family Law-property-matrimonial home-substantial financial con­tribution to purchase price by party to customary marriage creates joint tenancy- the suit was dismissed whilst the counterclaim was allowed.

Civil Procedure-assessors-replacement of assessors during trial.