Most Recent Judgments

Commission of Inquiry - Government White Paper - Appeal against the consequential orders of the Commission of Inquiry

Ruling on an Application on Whether this Matter can be Determined without a Trial (Disposal on a Point of Law)

Ruling on an Application for a Disposal of the Matter between Bassam Koussa v. Allie Basma on a Point of Law

Ruling on an Application for an Interlocutory Injunction and Cost

Civil Procedure - Default Judgement - Setting aside of default judgement - Consonant with the Constitutional principle of Audi Alteram Partem 


Civil Procedure - Interlocutory Application -  Summons for the Bundle to be Restored - 

Land and Property Division - Injunction - interim injunction against the defendant - Judgment in favor of the plaintiff

Land and Property Division - Injunction - Interlocutory injunction - Injunction granted in favor of the Applicant.

Land and Property - Injunction - Interlocutory injunctive relief - Application repudiated.

Application for bail - Applicant admitted for bail.

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