Most Recent Judgments

The aggrieved party dissatisfied with the decision of the High Court appeal the said decision- Judgment was made in favor of the Appellant- cost was to be borne by the Respondent

Commercial and Admiralty Division- An action via Writ of Summons for the recovery of salary and rent- the action was dismissed

Commercial and Admiralty Division-An application by way of originating summons in a matter of a joint venture agreement-Judgment was entered for the defendant-cost to be borne by the defendant.

Land an property Division- An application pursuant to a notice of motion  for a stay execution of judgement- the orders prayed for in the application was denied by the ruling judge- the cost of the application shall be cost in the cause.

Land and Property Division-A preliminary objective concerning an application for a stay of execution and all subsequent proceedings in the Magistrate Court-the matter was dismissed on the ground of procedural incongruity and nullity-no order as to cost was made.

Land and Property Division-An application to enter a judgment in default of appearance in circumstances in which the very Writ of Summons, commencing the action was issued and served in contradistinction to specific provision of substantive law-Matter was dismissed.

Commercial and Admiralty Division- an application via Originating Summons- Judgment was made in favor of the plaintiff

Sexual Offences Division- Application filed by the prosecution- the Accused was ordered to compensate the victim for transportation, housing of the child and for emotional distress pain and suffering incurred by the victim

The Appellant being dissatisfied with and aggrieved by the decision/judgment of the Court of Appeal-the Appellant was acquitted and discharged of the two counts of the offence of Abuse of office-All fund Paid by the Appellant was refunded to him.

An Originating Notice of Motion seeking a number of orders against the defendants which required a number of declarations.

An action brought by the Plaintiff seeking clarification about certain measures which were taken by the Sierra Leone Police under the direction of the Defendant, the Inspector General of Police, on election day, 2018

Ruling on an Application for an Injunctive Relief, Pursuant to an Application Via a Notice of Motion.

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